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Using Virtual Worlds in Education Programs

by Linden Lab Research

Hundreds of leading universities and school systems around the world use the Second Life Grid™ as a vibrant part of their educational programs.

Linden Lab works enthusiastically with Education enterprises to familiarize them with the benefits of virtual worlds, connect them with other educational organizations and support providers, and showcase their inworld implementations.
Find out more about how educators and the Second Life Grid:

Pilot Program for Educators New to Second Life
How other organizations use the Second Life Grid
Bring my organization onto the Second Life Grid
Minors and the Second Life Grid
More educator resources


Pilot Program for Educators New to Second Life

Are you an educator?
Join Second Life for free, meet other educators and learn how to use this acclaimed 3D virtual world to teach classes, network, and interact with students in new and unique ways.

Click on the "Educator? Get Started" link below to initiate registration and begin your education journey in Second Life.

You will find yourself at ISTE, one of many vibrant education communities in Second Life. ISTE will help you discover education-related experiences in Second Life through a wide variety of programming and resources, including:

Live "Docent" assistance during regularly scheduled hours Scheduled tours, speaker series, and special events Showcased destinations and educational uses of SL Socials to learn from other educators about how they are using SL Tools to enable your educational uses of SL
Additional tutorials to land you on your feet
Join today, and look forward to new resources being added continually to this evolving experience


How Other Organizations Use the Second Life Grid

The Second Life Grid platform provides a powerful platform for interactive experiences. Over 200 educators from nearly as many universities and colleges use it for classes, research, learning and projects with their students, bringing a new dimension to learning.

A large, active education community is engaged in the Grid.
Harvard University, Texas State University, and Stanford University have set up virtual campuses where students can meet, attend classes, and create content together. Below are just some examples of various organizations that have incorporated the Second Life Grid in their educational programs.
The links below take you to the in-world campuses of these universities.
You'll need a Second Life account to visit and see what they are doing.

Some of the universities and colleges inworld today:
Harvard University
Princeton University (Web site is here)
New York University
San Diego State University
Stanford University
Texas State University
For a more extensive, up-to-date list, visit simteach.

Educational institutions can use the Second Life Grid to create a safe environment to enhance experiential learning, allowing individuals to practice skills, try new ideas, and learn from their mistakes. Prepare your students or employees for real-world experiences by using Second Life as a simulation!

Students and educators can work together on the Second Life Grid from anywhere in the world as part of a globally networked virtual classroom environment. Using the Second Life Grid as a supplement to traditional classroom environments also provides new opportunities for enriching an existing curriculum.

Linden Lab's educator program allows organizations to further their inworld programs and development. This program provides discounted land rates and group mailing lists.
There is a dedicated education area where several organizations have adjacent land; for more information on getting the educational discounted pricing, visit the Special Order Form.


Bring my organization onto the Second Life Grid

Ready to get started with a presence on Second Life Grid? Linden Lab offers a temporary land grant called Campus: Second Life for the duration of one semester to educators interested in trying out the Second Life Grid for the first time.

If you want a permanent place on the Second Life Grid, you have three options.
The first option is to rent space on the Second Life Grid mainland. The advantage of this option is that it is fast to implement and economical. However, ownership is not permanent and if you want to expand, you may need to negotiate for additional space.
The second option is to buy a plot of land on the mainland of the Second Life Grid. The advantage of this option is that ownership is permanent and you can buy a smaller area than when buying a Private Region. However, these plots are not eligible for the educational discount.
The third option is to buy a Private Region. A Private Region ownership lets you create a secure intranet space with membership restricted to your students and faculty. Alternatively, you can open it up to everyone on the Second Life Grid.

We offer a discount for Private Regions to educational institutions.
You can find details on the Private Region Pricing page.
For more information on getting started, click here.


Minors on the Second Life Grid

The Second Life Grid is for adults only (18+).
We also have Teen Second Life which is strictly for teens (13-17). For more details, please see the Teen Second Life Terms of Service.

We don't allow anyone under 18 years old in the adult world of Second Life, and likewise we do not allow adult Residents (18+) on the mainland of Teen Second Life.
Both of these worlds are separate from each other, and we do not allow in-world travel or communication between them.

Teen Second Life is a world for teens, created and shaped by teens. Please remember that falsely registering as a teen to gain access to Teen Second Life is a serious offense, and cause for permanent banishment from the Second Life Grid.

The only adults allowed on the mainland in Teen Second Life are Linden employees. If you are an educator and want to work with teens in Teen Second Life, there is the opportunity to buy a private region in Teen Second Life and participate, but you will not be able to leave that region and visit the Teen Second Life mainland.
Teens from the mainland will be able to visit your private region if/when you choose, but they will be automatically informed that there are adults present. Also, if you are planning to use a private region in Teen Second Life, you will need to provide a background check for security and safety reasons. If you'd like more details about getting a private region for education and working in Teen Second Life, please see this wiki page for details.


More educator resources

Looking for more support? Connect with other educators or non-profits using Second Life Grid at the following links, which provide more activities, support, communities and information about Second Life Grid use:
Second Life Education Blog
Simteach resources postings of education activities in Second Life
Second Life Education Wiki
International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE): Second Life
Discovery Educator Network
Mailing Lists
You may also want to subscribe to some of the following mailing lists for educators in Second Life:
Second Life Educator list (SLED)
Educators and Teens (for educators working with teens 13-17)


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