Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Enterprise & Education Programs for the Best Virtual World Technology

Enterprise & Education Programs for the Best Virtual World Technology

In the Second Life Grid, Linden Lab offers the best virtual world technology for enterprises to create virtual worlds to satisfy their business needs.
Linden Lab has achieved its leadership position by delivering the best virtual world technology for businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits to use in collaboration, communication, and training.

Read more here about Second Life Grid:

APIs that give developers wide-ranging freedom to extend and adapt the Second Life Grid to their enterprise customers' needs

Our licensing program provides businesses and developers the flexibility they need to rapidly and economically achieve their goals

Our use of Open Source and our Open Source guides let you plan how and where to use virtual world open source code

Your can bring web-based communities into Second Life, or expand an existing Second Life community

The Service metrics section of the site provides Enterprises with valuable information to manage their virtual world applications


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