Sunday, 14 December 2008

Tutoring a Fashion Show in Second Life (S.W.)

As part of the Muvenation project we were offering fashion shows in Second Life for the participants to show off their new looks.
Until Sunday I had only once participated in a Fashion Show (I was 6 and modeled a cardigan knitted with wool from the shop sponsoring the event).
On Sunday I attended a Fashion Show organised by the experienced Muvenation participants. It was a busy event with a lot of glamour (they even have a You Tube entry).
Today Thursday I was in charge of organising a smaller event for beginners. I started off by familiaring myself with the cat walk (part of the Emerge Island) and the animation balls for getting avatars to walk down it. I also recruited Steven to come and stream some music. I then prepared a text files with the lines I expected to use with the newbies and got my avatar smartened up.
In the end there were 6 participants at my session and it was a good group. We all had time to practice and then had a real run through, we then had some fun with all of us trying to use cat walk together followed by a spot of dancing.

For this sort of activity a ratio of 1 tutor to 6 participants was ok, the pre-prepared phrases were a great help as people arrived at different times. I would have found dealing with more would be quite challenging.A number of other Shows are taking place this week and it will be interesting to compare notes wth those tutors.
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