Sunday, 14 December 2008

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Greetings. Pathfinder Linden here to discuss the growth and development of educational, scientific, and healthcare applications of Second Life, which I work to cultivate.
On December 1st, I had the honor of speaking at and attending World AIDS Day in Second Life.
The event was held at Karuna Island, a new project dedicated to HIV/AIDS education, outreach and support, and funded by the National Library of Medicine, with the support of the Alliance Library System.
The project goal is to provide HIV/AIDS information and outreach in Second Life, involving support group leaders and educators from around the world.
As Second Life grows and matures, I think we are seeing the emergence of a particularly beautiful pattern of organizations and individuals creating larger projects that change people’s lives for the better.
I like to call it an “Ecosystem of Support.” In a healthy developing ecosystem, life complements and depends on other life. Complex relationships between species translate into a robustness that helps all species thrive. More and more, I see this pattern in Second Life between people, groups and organizations.
In my presentation at World AIDS Day, I spoke about this pattern and encouraged people to help it grow even more.
Collaborative efforts to centralize and organize information like this include, for example, an amazing wiki on healthcare resources in Second Life.
With World AIDS Day and Karuna, we have a collection of real world organizations coming together to both fund and manage an ongoing project that addresses a serious public health issue. A vibrant new community of support has been created, kicked off by a very successful event that was attended by thousands of individuals.
All the wonderful details of the Karuna project can be found on their website, along with details about the World AIDS Day event.
In the future I look forward to writing more posts about about similar great projects in education, science and healthcare. And if you’d like to tell me about a particular one, please contact me in Second Life.
I’ll share my ideas on strategies for success, and update folks on how Linden Lab is working to better support these communities.
Take care,-Pathfinder Linden

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