Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Selected participants in the MUVEnation programme

Blog Margareta:
Selected participants in the MUVEnation programme
December 31st, 2008 • MUVEs
Back in October 2008, we were overwhelmed by the number and quality of the applications to the MUVEnation peer to peer learning programme. Although our initial plan was to accept only 80 practitioners, we decided to admit +200 participants from around the world and carry out the selection process based on their participation activity during the introductory module of the programme.
We have now finished the selection process. The high rate of effective participation made us reconsider the numbers. And we have have admitted 107 active participants, from 26 different countries. 80 of the participants are based in Europe. 27 are across the world, from Argentina to Australia, from Jamaica to Israel, from Venezuela to Morocco. Leading countries with the higher number of participants are Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

We will be further exploring the use of virtual worlds for education from January to June 2009. And working together on the following areas: analysis of teachers needs, competency framework for the use of virtual worlds in education, commented collection of educational tools in Second Life, exploration of other virtual worlds, Sloodle, narrative analysis of teaching practices including the analysis of factors that impact their success, elaboration of learning patterns connecting RL educational challenges to virtual worlds scenarios, and the validation of these scenarios by concrete implementations inworld.

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