Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Virtual Education Biancaluce Robbiani for IRC (Italian Resuscitation Council )

Virtual Education: Getting ready to teach in Second Life

QuandoMar. 27 Gen. 11:00 – Mar. 27 Gen. (20 ora italiana)

Italian Resuscitation Council

Presenter: Biancaluce Robbiani for IRC - Italian Resuscitation Council
A presentation on the basic knowledge and steps required by educators to teach and give presentations in SL, focusing on lesson scaling and student involvement. Biancaluce will discuss medical and general case studies based on her experience with The Italian Resuscitation Council.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

George and Pathfinder Linden for the Edu_Faire

Greetings! In case you missed the blog posts on blog.secondlife.com, our first annual RL Education Support Faire is starting tomorrow. Please save and read the attached notecard for details. -Pathfinder Linden

The 4 Faire regions will be opened to the general public on Sunday morning at 6am PST. (15 ora italiana) They will remain open to the public through the week.

Please see our wiki page for all the details on booth locations, schedule of presentations, and more!


That wiki page will continue to exist after the Faire ends, serving as both a historical record and an evolving resource we can use to help RL Educators find the support they need from both Linden Lab and Resident Organizations.

George Linden will be focusing on helping the wiki page grow, so please contact him directly if you'd like to help or have suggestions.

Take care,
-Pathfinder Linden and George Linden
For Cafe 101ers ONLY . . .

Members only invitation to FRE vTSTC Teacher Workshops in Feb!

1. TP to Cafe 101
2. Click the kiosk to join the new group
3. Click the kiosk a 2nd time and select "History" to get the invitation and freebies you've missed already!
4. Leave the old Cafe 101 group in your profile. (Now you have profile room for more groups!)

Streaming anitel : Laboratory of education in virtual worlds:


Il primo appuntamento INTRODUTTIVO (molto importante) è previsto per il 23 gennaio (PRIMO TURNO) alle 21:30 in diretta sulla Web-TV Anitel via streaming su: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/anitel-learning oppure http://www.anitel.it/diretta.html
Per chi non potrà essere presente, sarà possibile reperire ai suddetti indirizzi la registrazione del filmato a scopo informativo-introduttivo.

Tutor di ambiente (RAC ANITeLfad):
Gioachino Colombrita

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Moon and Science. My travel on the moon

The 21 january 2009 in the evening (in Italy) I went to ISTE for a meeting conference with Chaac Amarula (Elon University) who brought us, all teachers, to see some experiments in Elon Uni. and to NASA land to go on the Moon.
Here the video of the event.
(For no-windows users without WMP click direclty on this link
http://blip.tv/file/1691850/ on blip.tv please))

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Social Presence in Virtual Worlds on RezEd!

A message from Sabine Reljic / Willow Shenlin to all members of Social Presence in Virtual Worlds on RezEd!

Today, Jan, 19, 2009, 2pm SLT/PST (5pmEST) the Social Presence in Virtual Worlds and the Virtual Worlds Research Discussion group are welcoming Zotarah Shepherd.
Zotarah will provide us with a tour of her Multiple Intelligence Build at Koru 43_219_22.
We meet at the Center for Social Presence at Meadowbrook 60_198_22 at 2pmSLT
Note: I've had some login issues today. If you miss us at 2pm at the Center, join us directly at Koru as soon as you can log in.
Best, Willow

Visit Social Presence in Virtual Worlds at:

Friday, 16 January 2009


Oggi mi sono iscritta al corso "uso di Sloodle" di ANITEL e sono contenta di poter finalmente sperimentare con un gruppo di docenti questo strumento cui cercavo di avvicinarmi da mesi senza riuscirci.

Ho frequentato la land di Sloodle ,i gruppi Sloodle tenants and Sloodle, le riunini di sviluppatori, preso gli oggetti di integrazione e comunicazione a disposizione nella land; avevo perfino prenotato presso Daniel Livingstone una parcel dove fare sperimentazione con i miei studenti ma ho disdetto la prenotazione perchè non avevo ancora ben scoperto come utilizzarlo e solo ora ho realizzato che ..mi mancava il server! per questo non riuscivo a caricare sloodle 3.0.!


Thursday, 8 January 2009

ISTE g_notice by Mary Asturias

Thu Jan 08 18:39:18 2009

Shout out to Valiant Westland who pointed out the new Skype version that allows screen sharing.
Could this be a way for you to show Second Life to fellow educators ?? You can check it out here:

Slide Toggler


Friday, 2 January 2009

RezEd Best Practice in Education

SLBPE post of Phelan Corrimal on RezEd

Comment by Phelan Corrimal 8 hours ago Hi folks - have been tied up with a pile of RL issues and having gotten most out of the way its time to get back to SL :-). Anyone interested in helping out on the organizing committee please let me know before January 16th. I'm proposing dates of March 27th-March 29th for the conference. If anyone knows of any immediate conflicts that would be good to know as well. Another post on this will go out tomorrow on the SLED list.

Comment by Phelan Corrimal on September 23, 2008 at 11:45am Hi Folks --- Two updates: I'm proposing a first meet on the SLBPE 2009 to be held October 7th at Rockcliffe's Greenhouse on Rockcliffe I for anyone that is interested in helping out.

Second proposal is for the conference dates to be February 20-22, 2009.
The date choice is deliberate for two reasons:
1) is that it is approximately 6 months opposite the SLCC in August.
2) is that it the timing works well for the Journal of Virtual Studies launch which will be on March 1st now. The journal is a peer review publication which will be distributed through EBSCOhost and ProQuest electronically and therefore searchable by Universities around the world.

I will have more details available on the 7th.
post conference report
Conference Co-ChairsSecond Life Best Practices in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Research2007 International Conferencehttp://slbestpractices2007.wikispaces.com
SLBPE Format
Posted by Phelan Corrimal on August 12, 2008 at 12:56am in SLBPE 2009

Back to SLBPE 2009 Discussions

My thought here is not necessarily to goto the same scale as the 2007 conference but rather to keep the format fairly consistent with the last SLBPE and to make two other changes: 1) 3 x 8hr days rather than 1x 24hr day, and 2) do a Fri-Sat-Sun rather than have everything on the Friday.Also, the timing is such that it is almost exactly 6 months after the SLCC which I think would be a good opportunity to run one so as not to interfer with what Jonathan and the other good folks coordinating SLEDcc are doing.Thoughts?(See: http://slbestpractices2007.wikispaces.com/ for a look into how Desi, Fleep and others arranged the SLBPE 2007).
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Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 White Project

h.24 del 31 dicembre 2008
h.0,0 del 1 gennaio 2009
In Middle East we have said "happy New year" an hour ago with Irah Anatine and friends

White Project was created as a response to the Middle East crisis, December 2008.

In a time when the world and the web are on fire and everybody is taking sides, we decided to create an alternative side: the side of all the ones who seek development instead of excuses, who value human life instead of justifications for hate. The side of the future. We are not shouting peace as a naive dream: we seek progress. We are the next generation of citizens and will inherit the problems of the present. We understand that, unless individuals get together to refuse perpetual hate and take concrete actions, this future will be no different from the present or the past.

We also believe that the most urgent concrete action to take is to clarify people’s minds, by creating this third dimension. When millions of people see and scream “palestian children are being killed”, we say: “children are being killed”. When people say “israeli youth is suffering” we say “youth is suffering” When world movements say “arabs or israeli of the world unite” we say “citizens of the future unite”.
We are a white page, as we refuse the weight of the past. Every citizen should be proud of it’s cradle. Today, and because of the current situation, non of us has reasons to be proud. We can do better. All of us. Together.

Irah ed il 2009 white project

Some useful link

Forum Muvention
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Virtual worlds Research(technewsworld)
Netvibes Muvenation



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