Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sloodle inworld tools

Sloodle Sandbox Course

This course exists as a 'sandbox' in which Sloodle features can be demonstrated. The item immediately below is the "Sloodle Controller", which controls all access to Moodle from within Second Life. You usually need one of these on each course you wish to use with Second Life.
Sloodle Controller: Primary Controller
Distributor: Sandbox Vending Machine

MetaGloss - release

The MetaGloss tool allows students to search a Moodle glossary from within Second Life, simply by chatting a command, as follows:

/def avatar

(Replace "avatar" with the text you want to search.)

Image Browser - conceptual
The Image Browser tool extends the MetaGloss to allow for photo searches and displays textures on a resized prim.
/pix castle

(Replace "castle" with the text you want to search.)
Second Life Terms
Global Kids Curriculum
Music notation
Chinese Characters

Chat / WebIntercom
In this section you can see the Moodle side of the Second life <> Moodle Chat interface. This lets people in the Moodle chat room talk to people in Second Life and vice versa.
Sandbox Chatroom

These choices are used to demo the Sloodle Choice tool. You can make selections here, or if your avatar is registered with (and you are enrolled in this course), then you can make selections in-world.
OS Choice
Avatar Number Choice

We have 2 quiz objects: the Quiz Chair and the Pile On Quiz. Both of them allow you to administer a multiple-choice Moodle quiz in Second Life. The former is an assessed quiz for one user, while the second is an unassessed quiz for groups of students.
CLOZE - experimentalthe CLOZE question type (fill in the banks) to create a manipulable version inside Second Life.
Demo Quiz
Cloze test
another test quiz

Assignment / PrimDrop
Demo Assignment

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