Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Art Show "Ecce Femina" by Gruppo *NEMESIS* will be inaugurated on next November 26th - December 26h at Learning Dream Island .

The intent of art show "ecce femina" is to photograph the role of woman, as female essence, acquired from historical, social and cultural events. The project is by a cooperation of very active people in sl, including artists, poets, builders, scripters, who worked together with great synergy.

The location of this art show is a spherical structure named "Nemesis Project", an incredible work by Geordie Robbiani.

The view goes in different directions:
I Room- I floor:- Reception area- Gadgets- Guidebook- Credits

II room - II floor:- Woman's life cycle: Birth, Childhood, adolescence and adult life (by Kyra Ducrot and Prajna Seetan)

III room - III floor:
- Woman's life cycle II: adolescence, maturity and third age (by Prajna Seetan and Lisa Tebaldi)- Woman in the different cultures (by Lotja Loon and Prajna Seetan)- Woman in Poetry and Literature (by Viola Tatham)- Fashion in Second Life (by Sposacaliandro Michalat)- Artistic works (by Zhora Maynard and Kikka Igaly)- Women' photos in Second Life (by Feix Robbiani and Prajna Seetan)

IV room - IV floor: - Woman in figurative art (by giada Cortes and Jo Magic) - Artistic works about woman by
Maryva Mayo
Shellina Winkler
Gleman Jun
Nessuno Myoo
Solkide Auer
Kicca Igaly
Zhora Maynard

The Art Show will host moreover some meetings to share our ideas and experiences:
- Thursday 27 November (10 p.m. - Italian Time): Viola Tatham "Woman in Poetry and Literature" Other meetings about women' theme will be skeduled on December.

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