Sunday, 9 November 2008


My Doubt

I received an email by Kristin, the pBwiki Team, asking me begin learning about Pbwiki I created for an immaginary virtual class.
After some videos and some speed reading of manual I found a recreational test with assignement of points after having overcome the hurdles.

Create a pbwiki, create apage...and...invite people like writers readers, co_ administrator and so on.

I have adoubt.
How can I invite others students...if I haven't access to their email neither to forum of muvenation?
Perhaps in Sl by chance?
Do I have to go in Teaching5 for 24 hoours? I don't believe so.
I'm crying...:(
I have to solve this problem with the muvenation administration of the site, I'm afraid, but anybody reply to me.
I'd like collaborate with group 3( or 2 or 1) to know their willness to collaborate in apbwiki to learn to us eit.

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