Monday, 13 April 2009

VW WoW tour with Narration

Al VWBPE c'era un tour tra mondi virtuali con presenza contemporaene ain Secondlifev e word of warcraft dove esistono studi pe rl'utilizzo in education anche di questo mondo.
Io ero in SL ma non sono entrata in WoW;(non lo avveo neanche scaricato) altri presenti lì in Sl invece ci sono entrati.



  2. Hello Everyone,
    Just wanted to thank all of you for being involved in the WoW tour at VWBPE. Here's our pathetic attempt at machinima and then here's versions where you don't have to listen to us talk.
    We'd like to do some more work in WoW, take a look a peak at WarHammer, maybe Perfect World International. Play, have fun but also figure out how we can use it for coursework.
    Your tour guides applied/research and otherwise interests in MMORPGS are in business/entrepreneurship in MMORPGs, "die and do over", religion in virtual worlds/serious games and since you have an instructional designer in the group I'm interested in any way MMORPGS could be used to engage learners in our 150 online classes.
    So we'd like to do something small for a demo for our inhouse Teaching with Technology sometime between 5/19 - 5/21. But would really like to send out another email after 4/20 (we're doing a RL conference and they take so much timeJ and see who wants to play what.
    For the Horde,
    K. Zenovka, Abacus Capalini, Michigan Paule & LeeDale Shepherd




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