Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sloodle meeting with Fire Centaur about sloodle and opensim

Jeremy Kabumpo: FYI - the transcript for this chat is visible here:

Jeremy Kabumpo: Tom - can you summarize the major point(s) ? I'm looking at the transcript, too
[15:08] Tom Tiros: ok a) there is the xml-rpc issues affecting the use of the current sloodle in opensim e.g. vendor
[15:09] Tom Tiros: b) one option is to make changes in opensim core code
[15:09] Tom Tiros: c) another is to review our use of xml-rpc in sloodle/sl
[15:10] Tom Tiros: d) there is opening up the way to look at the alternatives offered by opensim even if it alters sl / opensim compatibility
[15:11] Tom Tiros: separate from the xml-rpc issues folks were interested in real uses in opensim of sloodle
[15:11] Tom Tiros: Have I summarised ok folks?
[15:12] Ralf Haifisch: esp. the last point sounds very interesting - usage of opensim :-) thanks[15:12] Jeremy Kabumpo: Dumb question (tongue-in-cheek) WHY would someone want to use SLOODLE in Opensim?[15:13] Christopher Flow: I tried to set up a mission on SLoodle this week, but I couldn't put objects around the sim due to auto-return.[15:13] Ralf Haifisch: because opensim is much cheaper - and it is in your full controll[15:13] Christopher Flow: That's one reason: more flexibility.[15:13] Eleonora Porta: teenagers...I imagine[15:13] Ralf Haifisch: the other point is: opensim has other abilitys - wich SL does not have[15:14] Christopher Flow: Security: I usually have 20~25 students in world at a time - griefer look for nice pods of people like us.[15:14] Tom Tiros: a) - you can have a platform behind a firewall if you need it. - the teen grid/adult divide in sl can be a problem[15:14] Christopher Flow: Also, I can have allo f my students building at the same time with not owrries about perms.[15:14] Ralf Haifisch: think about a RL teacher[15:14] Ralf Haifisch: can carry the region on a laptop...[15:14] Ralf Haifisch: umts is fine to prepare all stuff..[15:15] Christopher Flow: And with OARS, now we can change the entire 'scene' to whatever we want very simply.[15:15] Ralf Haifisch: ninja physics for simulation[15:15] Christopher Flow: Finally, we can have braggin rights over the other uni's in Korea. LOL[15:15] Ralf Haifisch: better graphics in second hald, via meshes[15:15] Ralf Haifisch: hehe[15:16] Ralf Haifisch: second half (of this year) - sorry[15:16] Tom Tiros: Maybe the issue is why only secondlife? should sloodle be a flexible link between vle and various virtual worlds?[15:16] Tom Tiros: I like the bragging rights, lol[15:17] Ralf Haifisch: tom: this is waht actualy happens...[15:17] Christopher Flow: I think having Sloodle work in other worlds makes perfect sense.[15:17] Ralf Haifisch: people get opensim wrong, many times[15:17] Ralf Haifisch: opensim is N O T a Sl-copy[15:17] Ralf Haifisch: its a framework for developing virtual worlds...[15:17] Christopher Flow: Right, Ralf![15:17] Ralf Haifisch: tohers do that, like 3Di and realxtend[15:18] Ralf Haifisch: we are atm compatible to SL viewer - and MXP viewer
[15:18] Ralf Haifisch: so, if sloodle is opensim-compatible - it is compatible to other stuff , as well[15:18] Tom Tiros: agreed - but there is a tension between compatibility between sl and opensim platforms[15:18] Ralf Haifisch: hehe.. nice wording

[15:19] Jeremy Kabumpo: 1) cost 2) flexibility 3) access control 4) age permissiveness 5) isolation 6) portability 7) first-ism

[15:19] Christopher Flow: We have a very proprietary admin at our science research uni that would never build in SL for fear of int. property issues. Opensim would be a solution to that.[15:19] Ralf Haifisch: but to me (not political) that is no big deal..
[15:19] Ralf Haifisch: but to me (not political) that is no big deal..[15:20] Ralf Haifisch: opensim is spreading quite nice...[15:20] Ralf Haifisch: i think the only alternative framework at th very moment would be the one from sun[15:20] Ralf Haifisch: but that is totaly different in nay means...[15:20] Tom Tiros: yes I have looked at that

[15:21] Jeremy Kabumpo: 8) IP protection 9) speedier adoption

[15:21] Ralf Haifisch: so, for sloodle opensim seems to be the right choice - personal opinion
[15:21] Tom Tiros: typical techies - build you own, lol[15:21] Tom Tiros: ok - how do we take this forward?[15:22] Jeremy Kabumpo: ok thanks :-) we have an opensim server right here at San Jose State[15:22] Christopher Flow: Continue fixing and testing the tools - like the toolbar.[15:22] Tom Tiros: a) do we need to get tech guys together over the xml-rpc issues[15:22] Jeremy Kabumpo: you like toolbbar - for blogging, right Chris?[15:22] Christopher Flow: Start running classes or suggetsing possible uses in world for Sloodle on OpenSIm.[15:22] Christopher Flow: Yes.[15:22] Christopher Flow: Blogging is key for us now.[15:23] Christopher Flow: UNtil the Freemail + PEAR issue is fixed, it's own only hope.[15:23] Christopher Flow: Yes, to geting the tech guys together.
[15:23] Christopher Flow: Yes, to geting the tech guys together.[15:23] Jeremy Kabumpo: so you prefer postcard entry instead of chat through toolbar?[15:24] Ralf Haifisch: i will email with norse and fire to learn more and put my fife cent/contancts into it. but my main reason for comming was: i want to write some community update in our magazine, wich should bring some interested people from the open source user[15:24] Christopher Flow: It's faster for us as we always add pics with the blogs.[15:24] Tom Tiros: which magazine?[15:24] Jeremy Kabumpo: my students too - graduates[15:24] Ralf Haifisch: - a platform independent 3D web maagzine[15:25] Tom Tiros: ok[15:25] Ralf Haifisch: formerly known as cybertechnews.. Jani..


The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Click this message for details
.[14:17] Fire Centaur: if you wanted to do voice, I can transcribe if you like[14:17] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...[14:17] Connected[14:17] Tom Tiros: we have the o.4 RC1 version working quite will on the reactiongrid and OSGrid[14:17] Tom Tiros: no hate voice - especially in the home environment - thanks[14:17] Fire Centaur: ok.. np[14:18] Fire Centaur: fantastic news tom[14:18] Second Life: You have left the group 'Big Robot on Campus'.[14:18] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.[14:18] No room to sit here, try another spot.[14:18] Tom Tiros: the main problem seems to be related to the xlmrpc procedures? -[14:19] Tom Tiros: what issues have folks uncovered using sloodle in opensim?[14:19] Fire Centaur: Who IS using OpenSim here...[14:20] AntonioGPS Zapatero: I enter OpenSIm occasionally[14:20] Cilian McCullough: Toying with it[14:20] Shaun Juno: Not just yet[14:20] Norse Writer: me[14:20] Mary Roussel: I haven't[14:20] AntonioGPS Zapatero: I love voice, though[14:21] AntonioGPS Zapatero: and last time OpenSim lacked voice yet[14:21] Bamjon Babii: And it still does not have voice, as far as I know..[14:21] Fire Centaur: anyone else?[14:21] Tom Tiros: broadly that is still true - though it is being worked on[14:22] Tom Tiros: Norse can you tell people about your experience teaching the building class on OSgrid?[14:24] Tom Tiros: ok - does anyone have a quesion about opensim and sloodle?[14:25] Norse Writer: sorry the text scrolled here.[14:25] Eleonora Porta: What's the difference using sloodle in opensim' I have an avatr and a SIm in Cyberlandia and[14:43] Bamjon Babii: Thanks[14:43] Norse Writer: thanks[14:43] Tom Tiros: sorry guys - lost comms[14:43] Fire Centaur: also here is a link to our roadmap discussion[14:43] Fire Centaur: please participate in that - folks like you can help guide the direction o sloodle:[14:43] Benjamin Keng: thanks Fire[14:44] Fire Centaur: here's a link to the SLOODLE Error codes which will also help you[14:44] Fire Centaur: I have a sticky note for all of these[14:44] SLOODLE WebIntercom: Already recording Tom Tiros[14:44] Mysa Randt: Ths fire[14:44] Mysa Randt: Tks*[14:44] Fire Centaur: and lastly my sloodle 101 classes are every tuesday at 1:30pst[14:44] Fire Centaur: ok tom![14:44] Fire Centaur: take it away![14:45] Tom Tiros: ok - guys we were talking about xmlrpc? are we still discussing this?[14:46] Ralf Haifisch: we did not get further... :-)[14:46] Tom Tiros: ok, I am trying to do it in a way that allows the Sloodle scripts to run here un-modified[2009/04/10 9:37] BlueWall Slade: same script for here<-->sl[2009/04/10 9:38] BlueWall Slade: so, to di that, I had to add a flag to llRequestSimulatorData[2009/04/10 9:38] BlueWall Slade: and what it does is request the xmlrpc port number[2009/04/10 9:39] BlueWall Slade: if the region admin has set the sim to reveal the port number to the script, it can send that information to teh backend[2009/04/10 9:40] BlueWall Slade: then, if the backend needs to contact the set, it has the means[2009/04/10 9:40] You: hmm[2009/04/10 9:40] BlueWall Slade: right now, you have to manually set that[2009/04/10 9:40] BlueWall Slade: it is broken[2009/04/10 9:40] BlueWall Slade: like here - you cou[14:46] Tom Tiros: whoops - this is part of what BlueWater had to say[14:47] Tom Tiros: i.e. he is trying to ge a modification to the llRequestSimulatorData[14:47] Fire Centaur: great tom, I hope you are putting all the goods in the wiki![14:48] Ralf Haifisch: i have seen some stuff going on in the opensim code, yes...[14:48] Fire Centaur: Hey Jeremy![14:48] Ralf Haifisch: i think melanie was working on xmlrpc refubrish[14:48] Fire Centaur: nice to see ya!
[14:48] Jeremy Kabumpo: heya - sorry to be late[14:48] Tom Tiros: hi Jeremy[14:48] SLOODLE WebIntercom: Started recording Jeremy Kabumpo[14:48] Tom Tiros: np[14:49] Norse Writer: The discussion right now regaridng this is if this should be revealed at all in Opensim or if we could store that info on the moodle site. Revealing the xml port numer is not a trivial thing to do.....[14:50] Ralf Haifisch: i think i have not enough clue of waht sloodle does - but have pretty good opensim and realxtend knowledge...[14:50] Tom Tiros: and there are security concerns[14:50] Ralf Haifisch: Norse: could i meet you and dicuss sloodle in osgrid ?
[14:51] Norse Writer: sure[14:51] Ralf Haifisch: ok... have my email in IM...[14:51] Ralf Haifisch: tom: wich security concerns ?[14:51] Fire Centaur: Norse, I have connection Details of how to connect to the reaction grid on the wiki and in the Sloodle 0.4 Release notes... do you have directions for connecting to OS grid?[14:52] Fire Centaur: if so please pass them too me so I can include it on the wiki

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