Friday, 24 April 2009

National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM

National Autonomous University of Mexico: Education and Training Around the World
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Lately I’ve been reading about educators making use of Second Life to support complex training in the real world. I heard about some fantastic work being done along these lines at the virtual campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), but boy was I in for a surprise when I went to investigate! I had the pleasure of meeting with Ernesto Riestra, the Head of the Division of Continuing and Distance Education at the Engineering School for the UNAM, and he was happy to give me a tour.

UNAM is the largest university in Latin America, with the Engineering School alone having 11,000 students, and UNAM overall having roughly 300,000 students, ranging from high school to post graduate education. UNAM is currently working on building their campus in SL for their Engineering School Distance Education Programs and is also connecting with companies in the real world to help take engineering design and training to the next level. Developments began in November 2008 but a lot has happened in that short span of time…

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