Saturday, 21 March 2009

EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional conf. in Chicago

The EDUCAUSE VW group will be mtg on Mon, 3/23 @ 8:30a SLT.
This will be a simultaneous mtg w/the one taking place at the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional conf. in Chicago

The topic for this mtg will be
What are the challenges to assessing & evaluating virtual worlds?

If you will be at the conf. in Chicago, mtg is in the Exchange Rm @10:30a local time. Your host is Tanya Joosten (SL: Juice Gyoza)
If you'd like to attend in SL, we will be meeting at 8:30 SLT in the CHSSSouth Amphitheater.

(notecard from real life education in SL) All Welcome
Real Life Education in SL
This is a Linden Lab sponsored group for real life educators and academics using Second Life for real life education and research. Please use this group to find collaborators, ask questions, and share information about upcoming educational events.
Also be sure to join Linden Lab's "Second Life Educators (SLED)" mailing list by visiting
Note: Use of this Group for commercial purposes or spamming will result in immediate removal from the Group without warning.

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