Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sloodle 101 class

~~~~~~~ ANOUNCEMENT ~~~~~~~

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder about this week's SLOODLE 101 class will be held in the Sloodle 101 Classroom on Sloodle Island Tuesday February 10th at
slurl 1:30 PM PST SL time

(9.30 PM UK time)

~~~~~~~ AGENDA ~~~~~~~

1. Sloodle 101 Questions & Answers (20 Minutes) 2. Sloodle 101 Demonstration
3. Sloodle Set test & trial - get a teacher account on the test site, and try SLOODLE!

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~~~~~~Personal Profile of Fire Centaur on ~~~~~~~~~~

Hello everyone! My name is Paul Preibisch! In Second Life my avatar is: ~=Fire Centaur=~-

I am a Research Assistant for the SLOODLE Project
I am responsible for the SLOODLE 101 Classes, programming tools for SLOODLE (educators), and supporting / building the SLOODLE Community.

I use my own test server: to test SLOODLE, and for helping people demo the technolgy.

I have a background in PHP, MYSQL, Media, Content Production, teaching, and public speaking. I am a power user of Mac and PC platform, and invest about 10 hours a day behind my Keyboard investigating this emerging social "cloud" of technology as Web 2.0 is being called.

My time in Korea for the past 5 years not only engaged me access to perhaps the best place on the planet with high speed internet, but also brought me down to a REAL world as a teacher responsible for managing a classroom environment on a day to day basis.

Apart from technology, I also I balance my interest in educational technology by meeting REAL WORLD people including family and friends from time to time!

My aim as a Researcher on this Project is to provide useful tools for the community, and be a support to people installing SLOODLE and incorporating it into their virtual / distance learning classrooms.

Overall, my broader aim is to help bridge the gap between the two camps of "People who get it" and "People who don't get it" with the hope that, through education and technology, we can perhaps better the planet, and increase our survival as a species! In my view, by pushing this Virtual World, technology in a positive direction, we may contribute to a good outcome. So, dig in, and Join the SLOODLE project!
City/town: (Virtual)

Email address: Click here to disable all email from being sent to this address
Skype ID:
Courses: Welcome Area - Sloodle Users, Sloodle Development, Playpen Sandbox, Education Support Faire 09

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