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RezEd Best Practice in Education

SLBPE post of Phelan Corrimal on RezEd

Comment by Phelan Corrimal 8 hours ago Hi folks - have been tied up with a pile of RL issues and having gotten most out of the way its time to get back to SL :-). Anyone interested in helping out on the organizing committee please let me know before January 16th. I'm proposing dates of March 27th-March 29th for the conference. If anyone knows of any immediate conflicts that would be good to know as well. Another post on this will go out tomorrow on the SLED list.

Comment by Phelan Corrimal on September 23, 2008 at 11:45am Hi Folks --- Two updates: I'm proposing a first meet on the SLBPE 2009 to be held October 7th at Rockcliffe's Greenhouse on Rockcliffe I for anyone that is interested in helping out.

Second proposal is for the conference dates to be February 20-22, 2009.
The date choice is deliberate for two reasons:
1) is that it is approximately 6 months opposite the SLCC in August.
2) is that it the timing works well for the Journal of Virtual Studies launch which will be on March 1st now. The journal is a peer review publication which will be distributed through EBSCOhost and ProQuest electronically and therefore searchable by Universities around the world.

I will have more details available on the 7th.
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SLBPE Format
Posted by Phelan Corrimal on August 12, 2008 at 12:56am in SLBPE 2009

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My thought here is not necessarily to goto the same scale as the 2007 conference but rather to keep the format fairly consistent with the last SLBPE and to make two other changes: 1) 3 x 8hr days rather than 1x 24hr day, and 2) do a Fri-Sat-Sun rather than have everything on the Friday.Also, the timing is such that it is almost exactly 6 months after the SLCC which I think would be a good opportunity to run one so as not to interfer with what Jonathan and the other good folks coordinating SLEDcc are doing.Thoughts?(See: for a look into how Desi, Fleep and others arranged the SLBPE 2007).
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