Saturday, 24 January 2009

George and Pathfinder Linden for the Edu_Faire

Greetings! In case you missed the blog posts on, our first annual RL Education Support Faire is starting tomorrow. Please save and read the attached notecard for details. -Pathfinder Linden

The 4 Faire regions will be opened to the general public on Sunday morning at 6am PST. (15 ora italiana) They will remain open to the public through the week.

Please see our wiki page for all the details on booth locations, schedule of presentations, and more!

That wiki page will continue to exist after the Faire ends, serving as both a historical record and an evolving resource we can use to help RL Educators find the support they need from both Linden Lab and Resident Organizations.

George Linden will be focusing on helping the wiki page grow, so please contact him directly if you'd like to help or have suggestions.

Take care,
-Pathfinder Linden and George Linden
For Cafe 101ers ONLY . . .

Members only invitation to FRE vTSTC Teacher Workshops in Feb!

1. TP to Cafe 101
2. Click the kiosk to join the new group
3. Click the kiosk a 2nd time and select "History" to get the invitation and freebies you've missed already!
4. Leave the old Cafe 101 group in your profile. (Now you have profile room for more groups!)

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