Tuesday, 11 August 2009

SLCC Educators

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Education Track

This year the Education Track will have a large emphasis on Community, Professional Development, and Participatory Interactive Presentations . The goal of this year’s program is to develop a conceptual map of where Second Life and education are headed over the next 12-18 months through an examination of where we have been, what we have done well, where we can do better, and what capabilities exist to help us get there. Participants can expect to take back to their organizations a valuable tool which can be used to show others within their organizations the potential of the platform and ideas for raising the bar on education within Second Life.

Thursday August 13

12:00 noon Opening Address: Relevancy of Real Life Conferences (Phelan Corrimal)

01:30 pm SLED 5-by-5 – An open mashup of best practices and milestones from the past 12-18 months (Moderator: Patio Plasma)

Signup to this mash-up at http://tr.im/u9WH

03:30 pm Introducing World University & School in SL (Scott MacLeod SL: Aphilo Aarde)

Friday August 14

10:00 am SL Students with Disabilities- Use of Assistive Technologies (Gentle Heron)

Must play well with others: Recruiting, supporting and inspiring collaborative projects (Pacifico Piaggio, Oggie Ballinger, Alice Burgess, Thynka Little, Esme Qunhua)

11:30 am Immersive Art on the Web 2.0 Platform (Nettrice Beattie)
Sense of Presence and Implications for Virtual World Design (Wendy Widget)

12:00 noon FEATURE PRESENTER: Give Me a (Virtual) Place to Stand and I will Move the (Real) World (Dr. Robert Bloomfield / Beyers Sellers)

02:00 pm Tripping through SL: an Educator Tours SL for Instructional Resources (Esme Qunhua)
The Compelling Case for Online Learning in Second Life (JanythKU Techsan)

03:30 pm The Meerkat Viewer for Second Life and OpenSim: Live Demonstration (Darwin Babbage)
Educator tools – What pedagogies can they support? (Decka Mah and Randal Hudson)

Saturday August 15

10:00 am Educators In a Strange Land: Five Years of Wandering (Virtual Bacon)
Shakespeare’s Virtual Theatre, 3d Paintings via Primtings, and the Literary Arts on SL (Ina Centaur)

11:30 am Prototyping the Future of Museums and Educational Content (Agent Heliosense)
Cognitive-Skydiving for Educators: Beyond the Traditional Limits (Lesele Dawg)

02:00 pm Roundtable: Inside the Avatar’s Studio (Moderator: Phelan Corrimal)
Building Interactive Science Exhibits, Tools and Techniques (Patio Plasma)

03:30 pm Media Education and Service (Jumbalia Zimmeny)
“Speed Geek” Mentoring & Demo Session (Moderator: Alice Burgess)

Use this form to sign up: http://u.nu/4n5n

Sunday August 16

10:00 am Interactive Workshop for all tracks: The Future United – A conceptual roadmap of the next 12-18 months in Second Life (Moderator: Phelan Corrimal)

By Education Track 2:09 pm


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